Environmental Law

  • Legal advice and assistance during inspections by the regulatory authorities;
  • Legal support for obtaining permits (limits, declarations, rating expiry of Environmental Impact Assessment, permit for special water use, permit the maximum permissible discharge);
  • Performance of the eco-audit;
  • Compliance with specific environmental legislation (circulation packaging, circulation lubricants, circulation and recycling of tires, folding utilization estimates).

Right now environmental law is a complex branch of law with the developed regulatory framework. Environmental standards are applied not only to industrial enterprises but also to trading and service enterprises as well as idividuals. The list of rights and duties of the users of natural resources is expanding from year to year and supervision by relevant state bodies over observance of statutory standards is increasing.

Law Craft has considerable experience in this field and are ready to provide full range of services, from consulting to supplying of the turnkey solutions in sphere of project documentation development and implementation (waste management, special water use, air emissions etc.).