Dispute resolution

  • Pre-trial dispute resolution (mediation, preparation of well grounded legal reasoning and letters before action etc.)
  • Сourtroom representation (administarartive, civil and commercial procedure) and preparation of all necessary documentation (court claims, prayers, opinions, voluntary settlements etc.);
  • Analisys of the prospects for the trial;
  • Support in execution of the court rulings;

Law Craft approch to dispute resolution in court or out of court procedure is based on the recognition and protection of the economic interest and goals of our Clients.

Taking into account the particular circumstances of a specific case, our specialist choose the most appropriate and affordable course of action to resolve the dispute with the contractor, protect the Сlient’s interests in various regulatory authorities.

In case the dispute cannot be resolved on an amicable basis, we are prepared to provide you with reasonable estimation of prospects of the trial, without initiation of certainly losing cases.

Finally, we will take care of proper and quick execution of the all court rulings delivered in your favour.