Annual International Conference on Economic and Legal Challenges 2015

4th Annual International research and practical conference


January 15, 2015

Lviv, Ukraine


Dear Colleagues,

We invite you to participate in the 4th International Conference on Economic and Legal Challenges 2015

The event will be held on January 15, 2015

Following the conference the book of abstracts will be published.

There will be following thematic sections:

1. Economic Section (Economics)

2. Legal Section (Jurisprudence)

The cost of the book of abstracts:

1. if paid before 21.12.2014r – 25 EUR

2. if paid after  21.12.2014r – 35 EUR

At the request of the participants:

3 EUR – Publication admission statement

7 EUR – Сertificate of participation

2 EUR – Additional page in the book.

Attention! If necessary, participants can transfer arrangement fee until December 21, 2014, with further sending of the  materials for publication, prior to the expiration of the enrolment period, namely  January 15, 2015, 23:00 PM.

Attention !!In case the volume of article exceeds 4 pages, the publication of each subsequent page is possible with the payment of additional  2 EUR per page.

Read more in attached information sheets.

Information sheet (* .doc 54,0 KB)

Information sheet (* .pdf 116 KB)

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